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Guideline & Policies

Shipping Guideline is very important when it comes to shipping.
Although our shipping expert will help you, its always good to know detail.

General Guideline 

  • Ship2Asia follow and comply with every guideline and restriction by TSA as well as destination countries.  We do not make any modification nor changes on any of shipments we serve even with consent of shipper.

  • Failure of correct address will result delay, hold or missing shipment which will not be responsible of Ship2Asia nor associated delivery parties.

  • Incorrect description, quantities, value of goods will result delay of custom clearance and also penalty may occur.

  • Any shipment that weight more than 70 lbs, or length greater than 40 inches may occur oversize charges.

  • All shipments must have receiver's correct information including Citizenship Identification if custom agency at destination require it.

Damage Indemnification Agreement 

  • For TVs and LCD, LED Screen product need to be packaged by Ship2Asia with additional packing charge of $75, if not damage of such items may not be cover within any insurance nor delivery guarantee. 

How to Calculate Volume Weight

  • Width x Length x Height (inches)  /divide by 150 = Volume Weight in lbs.  (For Example  10" x 10" x 20" box = 10x10x20= 2000/150 = 13.33  which will be charge as 14 lbs.

Here are guideline and policies for each countries.

China : To be updated (please email to request detail)

Korea : To be updated (please email to request detail)

India : To be updated (please email to request detail)

Japan : To be updated (please email to request detail)


Vietnam : To be updated (please email to request detail)

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