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Simple Shipping Rate

Free Pick up anywhere in US

 No hidden /Remote extra fee
    (duties & taxes are excluded) 

Documents service by DHL / Packages service by SFExpress

***Please see detail for Student Bag / Moving Box special Rate ***

Ship2asia rate chart 09202018.png

*** Documents need to be less than 8oz, greater than 8oz will be treated as parcel package shipment and charged accordingly to its weight.


*** Heavy weight shipment (more than 70 lbs) will be charge for oversize shipment fee of $35.00 

*** Chargable weight will be actual weight or volume weight, whichever greater.
Please see guideline & policy for how to calculate volume weight.

*** All shipments must be comply with China custom law. We may have to split shipments into multiple shipments to avoid custom issue and delay. We will notify this when shipment arrive in our warehouse after inspection/ before depart to China.


IPhone : $59.00

iphone is only ship 

through DHL.

Take 3-4 days

IPad : $69.00

ipad is only ship 

through DHL.

Take 3-4 days

Before ship package
  • Check Address twice 

  • See if contents are restricted in receiving country.

  • Send smaller qty or value give better chance to pass through custom without any taxes.


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