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eBay Return Center

Got an eBay item to return to China?

Is the return shipping fee more than what you paid for?
Is there a return deadline? Need to have tracking no. in two days?

We can help!

We specialize in eBay and Amazon, helping with returns to Chinese sellers or manufacturers.

Yes, you made a mistake when buying items on eBay, but let's not make a mistake again on shipping back, so that you actually can get your refund.

Returning things to China is very frustrating. Money, effort, time.
We make it simple. Here are the steps.

1. Register your package here at

2. Request an immediate tracking no. on registration page

3. Provide the tracking no. to eBay/paypal and the seller.

4. Once you get your UPS label, drop it off with your return item.

5. Your shipment will come to our head office and ship to China using an eBay/paypal recognize shipping method.

That's it!  Once your shipment shows on tracking no, paypal will refund your purchase amount.

If you have any question, you can call us directly at 1-888-525-8882

No computer attendant or long wait in line. You can also email your questions to

IF you are seller from China and want to set up an account with us, 
please visit for various return service we offer.  Leave N for saving!

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